Aquatic AV Two Channel Amplifier for FLH and FLT 98-13

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  • Aquatic AV Two Channel Amplifier for FLH and FLT 1998-2013 at Catalyst Cycles
  • Two Channel Aquatic AV Amplifier for FLH and FLT 1998-2013 at Catalyst Cycles
  • Aquatic AV Micro Two Channel Amplifier for FLH and FLT 1998-2013 at Catalyst Cycles
  • Aquatic AV Two Channel Micro Amplifier for FLH and FLT 1998-2013 at Catalyst Cycles
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Aquatic AV Two Channel Amplifier AQ-AD300.2-MICRO

The AQ-AD300.2-MICRO waterproof Harley amplifier is LOUD BY DESIGN! Combining exceptional sound quality, high performance characteristics and unprecedented reliability into a 2-channel Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle amplifier

With 300W of pure power (150W per channel at 2 Ohms) the AQ-AD300.2-MICRO packs enough punch for even the loudest of environments, so your soundtrack to your ride is always clear and present.

A built-in High-Pass/Low-Pass cross-over is adjustable from 40Hz to 400Hz and allows the output to be filtered for optimum use with a subwoofer or mid/high-range speakers.

Bridge Mode allows the each channel’s power to be combined for maximum output, ideal for use with a single subwoofer.

The Bass Boost feature provides up to 12dB of boost to bass frequencies, allowing even more control over your preferred sound.

Digital (Class D) Technology – Digital amplifiers are much more efficient than traditional amplifiers; producing less heat, lowering power consumption, reducing strain on batteries and charging systems.

Designed to support the widest variety of applications the AQ-AD300.2-MICRO amplifier operates at both 4ohm and 2ohm speaker configurations, from either low-level (RCA) or high-level (speaker) input connections. Running 2ohm configurations allows more speakers to be powered and is ideal for high background noise environments such as motorcycle use.

Protected against water and dust with an Ingress Protection rating of IP65 means the amplifier is fully protected against water and dust.

Conformal coated circuit boards protect the smallest components from any humidity or atmospheric moisture, while custom molded grommets around cable extrusions and gaskets between all meeting points eliminate any chance of water or dust intrusion. Aluminium and Stainless Steel are used in chassis construction eliminating any risk of rust or corrosion.

The AQ-AD300.2-MICRO waterproof Harley amplifier is perfectly suited to use with Aquatic AV waterproof Harley speakers HS111 and AQ-SPK6.5-4HS

Aquatic AV recommends the use of their Amplifier Mounting Kits (AQ-AK-BAT and AQ-AK-RG) for mounting the AQ-AD300.2-MICRO amplifier correctly.

Note: 2014 and up Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle Touring models with Harley Boom™ Box Infotainment systems will require a system flash before the installation of any aftermarket amplifier. Please contact your local Harley-Davidson® dealer for additional information.

Fitment: Harley-Davidson FLH, FLT 1998-2013

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